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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

5 Tips For Getting Rid of Acne

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Acne is a widespread problem that a lot of teenagers face. It can be extremely embarrassing for a lot of teenagers who are at a extremely delicate time in their lives. Here are 5 tips to help.

By now, almost everybody has seen the late night and early morning acne infomercials with Jessica Simpson and Sean "Diddy" Combs. I guess they figure, if a celebrity trusts something, then so should you.
The promises made for the product sound surreal, and yet for many people it may be just the cure they're looking for. Even so, it may not be for everybody. One of my daughters who had acquired a bad case of acne in recent years, tried the infomercial solution, and it didn't work on her at all. Being a young teenager, she was beset by acne breakouts and needed a solution fast. But unable to find a quick solution, we ended up going to the local dermatologist for acne information and answers. The doctor gave her a prescription for a cream and an oral medication. After following his instructions for a couple weeks, her acne had virtually departed. This was the right solution for her, but it may not be for you - because we're all different.

Here are some general tips that I've discovered over the years: 
If you have oily skin - it's best to take a medicated acne product or one in gel form.
If you have dry skin - you'll probably do better with the acne cream form and medicated products with benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid.
If you have both oily AND dry skin (combined type) - you will probably need a combination of oily skin gels and dry skin acne creams to apply to different parts of your fact according to the skin condition there. If you have sensitive skin - you will more than likely need less intense concentrations of either dry, oily, or combined-type treatments.
If you have skin pain because of acne - you should get personal attention from a dermatologist. So many people struggle with skin afflictions on a regular basis. With the advances in science, you'd think that the acne problem would have been solved long ago and that acne would be a pale memory. Unfortunately the age-old confidence destroyer is still around and going strong. Today, reaching middle age, I find myself in a new situation when it comes to unsightly blemishes. Now I find that my skin tends to be a bit oily and I have acne breakouts after moisturizing my face. One of the few things I look forward to as I get older is the absence of acne.


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How to take care of my skin? Good acne products?

Okay my Mom is nothing like a skin care expert, in fact she uses none of that stuff (calls it superficial and such) but :P I want to take care of my skin and have no idea how! I've tried looking up like my skin type except I can't find one that really matches...

I get very dry skin on my forehead
Redness and a little acne across my cheekbones and nose
Pretty bad acne on my chin

I tried using the stuff my older sister used for acne (forget what it's called though) but it did nothing for me. She gets it bad everywhere. I've tried a couple products (Clean and Clear, Burt Bees Deep Cleansing cream) with no great results. Just wondering if I could have some skin care tips and some acne product referrals :D (Hopefully products I can pick up at the store)

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The more natural the products you use are, the more effective and gentle the products are going to be. Try Logona Mint Cleansing Foam. I love it, it got rid of my acne and dissolves oil, after wards tone your skin (to help the PH balance in your skin) try Sea Breeze Actives Deep Cleaning Astringent (in the yellow bottle), after the toner dries use Biore Dual Fusion Moisturizer SPF30 (pat on the moisturizer). Do this once a day.
You can buy the Logona Mint Cleansing Foam online.
You can buy the Sea Breeze Actives Deep Cleaning Astringent from any localdrugstore or online.
And you can buy the Biore Dual Fusion Moisturizer SPF30 from any local drugstore or online.

Natural ways:
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Clean your bedding every other day
Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night
Take a multi vitamin


Studying to be a dermatologist (skin doctor)
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Thanks! :)

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  • I have CRAZY combination skin (SUPER oily on my nose, normal on my cheeks, skin is so dry it peels between my brows) and I got a perscription from a clinic for a drug called clindoxyl. I have tried almost EVERYTHING (proavtiv,clean and clear, spectro, etc.) and I swear, this stuff is miracle cream! My skin is completely clear and it has only been a month!
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  • wash your face everyday with soap and warm water, when u wake up in the morning you should wash your face, in the afternoon and at night before you go to bed. Then try cleansers and toners i use Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Deep Cleansing Lotion it works for me and its absolutely great. it keeps my skin oil free, spot free and dirt free.
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  • Hey!
    So, What I do is When I got into the shower I wash my face with Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Cleansing scrub. i use these pads… then apply the Murad Acne Exfoliating acne treatment gel.

    then in the morning I use the pad
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  • Try first to wash your face everyday. It will get rid of all that hidden dirt that causes acne. Then get some acne cleansers. It really helps.


    One of my relatives is a facialist.
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  • Get the OXY Clinical kit it is amazing. You can get a free sample first at to see if it will work for you skin first. i use it and it is amazing. it is like Pro-Activ but 10x better.
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  • If you have acne prone skin you can also suffer with really bad dry and flakey patches too...quite often caused by using products that are too harsh and not using moisturiser. (it sounds like you have typical mild acne prone skin - i'm guessing you are a young teen?)
    1st step, eat well, fresh fruit and veg
    Drink loads of water (not from the tap / faucet but purified / or mineral bottled water)
    Take a daily vitamin & mineral supplement that contains zinc.
    Get a gentle and natural skin care regime - I'm currently using Natural Acne solutions by Burt's Bees, Acne solutions cleanser (which I remove with a warm water soaked muslin cloth -use a clean one each time) follow with acne solutions toner, then really important the moisturiser - don't skip this stage because you fear adding oil to your skin, Burt's acne moisturiser lotion is really light and absorbs quick without leaving an oil slick on your face!! You MUST keep moisturised as this will prevent the flakey angry red skin patches and also help your skin heal and recover.
    I use a facial scrub (burt's bees acne scrub at the moment!) twice weekly to keep the flakes at bay and also helps the moisturiser sink in better.
    Don't squeeze or pick - I use Burt's Bees pore refining clay mask once or twice a week to draw out the pimples and keep my pores clean!
    I always use a separate towel for my face only (which I wash frequently) and have a fresh pillow case every 3 days.
    I also tried Burt's deep cleansing cream but it is far too heavy and full of oils and beeswax that it ends up blocking my pores. I prefer this new cleanser by far!

    Hope these tips help! Oh I nearly forgot - Buy pure Tea tree oil to dab on your pimples just after you've cleanser and toned it's a great healer! 

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