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Friday, 30 March 2012

10 Simple ways to get rid of acne, naturally

Looking for solutions of acne that really do work? The good news is if you're a teenager or adults suffer from acne, you have to do with his life. Simple and effective treatment of acne to get rid of the 10 super ways here.

(1) does not select, press or rub the buttons. These actions are carried out to increase the production of sebum and the skin is broken. Infection and tallow are placed under the skin and cause more buttons. You can also increase the possibility of scarring on his face.

2 wash the face two times a day with a mild soup. It is even better if you can buy mostly based on sulfur acne SOAP. If the skin is too oily, use a SOAP with benzoyl peroxide. In your face, use gross sponges, brushes or similar. You must not wash more expensive but, because this initiative really stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum increases your acne.

3 check if is because of the food. Food allergies can cause very severe acne for many people status. Also avoid spicy and fatty foods. Recent studies have shown that Acne can be caused by milk contains hormones and seafood with iodine relatively high. If possible, cut eating. Consider other foods to avoid are: sugar, dairy products, fried foods, meat, nut butters, nut, etc.... On the other hand, he believes that green vegetables, vegetable Fuices and zinc-rich foods may help relieve the condition of acne.

4 Drink lot of water every day. "Eight glasses of water a day can keep far acne.", explains Jennifer Thoden, respected expert acne. The reason is that water carries waste from our body and helps to cure and prevent outbreaks of acne.

5 do not wear makeup, if possible. Makeup can clog pores, causing more points and black buttons. If wearing makeup, make sure it is water-based. Don't forget makeup brushes regularly wipe and clean the skin before going to bed.

6 do not use fat-free products. Avoid intensive moisturizing ointments like facial hair oil-based and containing oil of cleaning products.

7 Keep your clean face. Do not rest your Chin on your hands or touch your face constantly. Regularly wash your hair and keep it out of your face, especially when they are sleeping.

8 Moderate exercise as it helps blood circulation and Toxin Eliminataion.

9 stress left. Studies have shown that stress aggravated strengthens it not only outbreaks of acne, skin conditions. Talk with your friends, listen to your favorite music or take a walk in the Park. There are many things you can do to get rid of the chic Street.

10 Remove the fresh air and Sun. Sunlight promotes vitamin d in the body, an important vitamin for the health of the skin. The costs of the Sun and the air can also reduce stress (Tip # 9) and more oxygen to the skin. Not burn you, even if ms. burned and forms very tanned skin that can bring a layer of skin, which is not fast enough peeling and clogged pores.


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Do honey face masks really cure acne and scarring? Can I just use honey with nothing added in?

I have acne and scarring and i'm desperate to get rid of both. I read that applying honey to your face with help cure it and it's really healthy. But I also read in other places that you need to mix it with other ingredients (eggs, cinnamon, etc.) For it to work. Can I just use plain honey? And how long should I keep it on? How often should I use it?

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No. Honey has lots of unrefined things, which can actually clog pores. However you can get medical grade honey which has had clinical trials for your skin.
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Other Answers (2)

  • mix the honey with sugar and use it to exfoliate. it works great to slough off dead skin. your skin will feel so smooth and the lotion will go right in. use it on your elbows and feet, too. also your legs before you shave them.
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  • Apply honey with only two figures all over you face.It smooths face and clean the skin and makes glossy.
    • 6 months ago

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