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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Learn How to Cure Acne the Right Way Today!


There are plenty of teenagers who would like to know how to cure acne. The condition can take a real toll on a young person's self-confidence. However, there is so many remedies on the market it is difficult to choose which is the right one.
Acne can affect anybody, not just teenagers. The condition can lead the sufferer to become isolated as they are constantly worried about their appearance, or more to the point what other people are thinking. Acne is very damaging, not only psychologically but physically as well.
Although there are chemical treatments available and initially these seem to work they are, unfortunately, more damaging to the skin. They may clear up the surface of the skin for a short while but acne is not just about blocked pores and normal spots. The source of acne runs a little deeper.
Thankfully over the last twenty years natural remedies have become more and more popular and these treatments are what you need if you want to know how to cure acne. There is plenty of information readily available giving details of which natural and holistic remedies are available. Of course the usual culprit that causes any number of undesirable conditions is diet.
If you or someone you know is being severely affected by acne then following advice about diet, exercise and keeping hormones in balance is a step in the right direction of learning how to cure acne. Teenagers all over the world end up with depression and various other psychological problems due to this curse. Maybe now they can leave the cave of their bedrooms and live a more social life and grow into a more emotionally well balanced adult.
Do you want the acne on your face to disappear so that you can lead a confident life once again?
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Many people around the world have applied the techniques in the book successfully to cure their acne. Be sure to read their testimonials. You will be surprised how easy it is to stop acne without using expensive medications.
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How Can I Clear My Skin From Acne? More Inside!?

Ok so my skin is clear from afar but when near it full of super small red spots and it's affecting my confidence. The acne is like a small rash on my cheeks and forehead. There are no big pimples or anything its just that small red amount of rash around my cheeks and forehead. How can i clear my face from it? BQ: How should i wash my face? Cold water or hot? No chemicals please.

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You say no chemicals. That's fine, but really that means you can only use natural products.

SO HERE are some natural products!:)

1) IMPORTANT STEP = CLEANSE YOUR FACE. Honey is an outstanding natural cleanser. You just need half a spoon of honey, mix with a tiny amount of water, and then gently apply on skin. Leave on for 30 minutes, then wash off with HOT water and then Cold water immediately after.
2) EXFLOIATE(2x a week) =BAKING SODA. Mix spoon of baking soda with a quarter spoon of water. Apply gently on your face (WARNING, this isVERY DRYING) leave on for only 2-5 minutes. Then wash off.
3) MOISTURIZER (Immediately moisturize ESPECIALLY after Exfloating) - Milk. Milk's an excellent moisturizer that softens and gives your skin tone!

OTHER Options:

- Lemon. Apply drops of pure lemon juice(or squeeze out a lemon and take that juice) onto your skin. THIS MAY sting, but its a ' GOOD STING , ' as it kills all the bacteria!:) Its also GREAT for acne cars.

- Drink LOTS of water (2L+ or 8 glasses ) I also tend to cut a piece of a lemon and apply it in the water bottle that I refill constantly. Lemons are GREAT for you externally AND internally, as they clean up your kidneys.
- SHOWER once per day at the very least.
- CHANGE bed sheets once per week at least.
- DO NOT touch your face/ zits. THIS will make them worse. DO NOT stress! Your acne is completely normal, 90% of all people suffer from it. It's the hormone changes that occur in ur teenage years that make it occur! If you stress , your hormones will rise even more causing more acne,. SO PLEASE be happy for who you are, always think positive, and follow this natural remedy, and your acne..

Will be gone in NO TIME.

Best of luck :)
  • 2 years ago

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