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Saturday, 31 March 2012

3 acne skin care tips for healthy skin

This article three effective acne will benefit from a healthy skin care advice for help.

When acne skin care, often occupy recommends that people with acne should bring some methods of acne skin care most doctors, is to improve the condition of your skin. The acne, is as you know, a very serious disease of the skin, affecting thousands of people around the world. This applies not only to the surface of the skin, but also the inner skin layers. Acne occurs mainly on the face, neck, chest and back and begins during puberty. In recent years, a number of experts of acne and professional attention led many studies on how to avoid the formation of acne. And, fortunately, these skin care specialists are pronounced with some tips of skin care acne that can help combat acne. I chose the even more powerful three and advice of more simple acne skin care that can have a healthy skin.

Below are:

Tip # 1 acne skin care: should very gently to clean skin hygiene in the first place, the staff is urgently needed to combat acne. Also in the rule that the majority of the experts you need to clean the skin gently with a soft clean at least twice per day. This stage of acne skin care is important to combat acne will dry, because the face wash or in other areas of acne on the skin removes bacteria that caused to be. Note that although sometimes says to rub your face, wash a good acne skin care they are the movement that it triggers the development of acne, worsening the condition. At this stage of acne must respect the skin care that non astringent are always available, unless the skin is very oily. And it should be applied only on oil-based stains.

Skin of acne # 2: refrain from frequency, keep the skin Another useful acne skin care tip is to avoid treating the skin. Pinch, picking or squeeze the egg yolk by allowing only worsen the condition. Many people like this most important pointer acne care skin, skin care of acne only knowing that it can cause infections and scars of the training. As this acne skin care is art, rub and touch the skin should be avoided as much as possible.

  # 3 Acne skin care: always carefully choose cosmetics This last suggestion of acne skin care says, those who seek to Acne cosmetics must change some that use them. Note that to prevent the emergence or development of acne, cosmetics, on the use of the Foundation, blush, moisturizers and eyelids confidence must be free of oil. Developed, is also known this bit of skin care for acne, hair care products to avoid fat can cause closed comedones. They must therefore apply to products that are labeled as noncomedogenic. It is a fact that many of us are very aware of our skin condition. And as such, we are always ready, have a fresh and beautiful skin as much as possible. Unfortunately not many of us come to the conclusion, that simple measures are the best ways to achieve this goal. We are often blind, they do not see what is actually good or bad for the skin. We fall often so frustrated and beauty products to buy at high prices, resulting in the end to be a waste of time and money worsen our despair even acne we do. I hope the above tips skin care acne to help a good start to improve the health of the skin.

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Any skin care tips for 13 y.o with acne prone and oily and sensitive skin?

Also i wears mineral foundation everyday and sometime i exercise with make up on. is that bad

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Here are some causes and tips that I followed that treated my acne:

Clogged pores or follicles - Acne is caused by clogged "pores" or "follicles" small openings in the skin, that contain a hair and sebaceous oil gland. The medical term, "acne vulgar is" is the most common kind of acne. It can show up anywhere on the body but it is usually found on the face, back, shoulders, and chest. Follicles become clogged by dead skin cells and oil called sebum, made in the pore.

Try to avoid things that can irritate your skin and cause acne such as:

1. Tight headbands, helmets or wool hats
2. Greasy lotions, hair products, and oily makeup
3. Grease-filled air in restaurant kitchens. If you work in this type of environment, be sure to wash your face when you get home.
4. Stress. When you are emotionally stressed your body makes extra hormones that can cause breakouts.

Let me know if this was helpful! :)
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  • For the acne i would advise seeing a dermatologist if possible as they will advise you on exactly the right products you should be using.
    As for having oily skin, make sure you don't overwash or cleanse your skin as this will encourage the production of oils. Avoid heavy creams and opt for light lotions and moisturiser which are labeled as non comedogenic and non acnegenic, as this will stop pores becoming blocked which would result in spots. You'll be able to find these products in most organic and sensitive skin brands which will be a lot more gentle for your skin.
    As for mineral make up, i love it and it should help your skin as its generally oil free but i would remove make up to exercise as combined with sweat its going to make your acne and oily skin worse.
    Couple more tips - try keeping your hair off your face as much as possible, particularly at night and avoid touching your skin to much as this adds to the oiliness.
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  • I would really ask your facialist (sp? sound it out) on what skin care product is best for you. However, the below product is what I use.

    If you have sensitive skin, this product is great. I would get the second one on this list, the third one on this list, and the fifth one on this list. Once you purchase it, just follow the directions. First, use the cleanser, then the spray toner, then the lotion. This is the skin care system I use. This website offers a BIG BARGAIN on this product, which is awesome. This product is usually much more expensive.…
    • 3 years ago

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