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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How to Cure Acne Practically Overnight - 3 Effective Ways to Really Cure Acne

If you suffer from any kind of acne, then no doubt you would be more than happy if you knew how to cure acne overnight! Well, I would encourage you to keep reading to see how this is possible. I will make this one point clear though: If you have severe acne such as cystic acne or acne conglobata then these methods wont do much good as these are very disfiguring forms of acne and it would very important that you would see a dermatologist for help in these situations.
Even if you have mild acne, it is still something that you want rid of as fast as possible, so here are 3 effective ways that should help you cure your acne practically overnight.

  • Flush the toxins out of you with water! Make it a goal to drink at least 5 glasses of water a day, the more the merrier. Water is such an amazing substance, but sometimes we can take it for granted because of its availability. Water has a very strong cleansing power and if you drink lots of it on a daily basis, then you should notice a big improvement in no time at all as the harmful toxins within your body will be flushed out.
  • Eat plenty of foods containing Vitamin E! Eating foods that contain Vitamin E, such as papaya, almonds, spinach, sunflower seeds, dry roasted olives and broccoli will have a positive effect on your skin cells enabling them to communicate better and prevent damage. Now this may mean changing your diet somewhat, but the benefits are well worth it. There would be no point eating all the healthy food we just mentioned along with junk food or food rich in fat and oils, so stay clear of them as well as any anything fried. And keep drinking that water!
  • Use coconut oil! Coconut oil can be very effective in treating acne because it really gets deep into the pores unclogging any sebum as well as removing harmful toxins. So get some coconut oil, it is very inexpensive and start using it daily.
These methods can be very effective. However, they do have their limitations! If you seriously want to get rid of your acne permanently, then I highly recommend that you go to:Acne No More and take the first step to removing your acne for good.

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Are there any pills tht quickly cure acne and have practiclly no side affects??

my acne is not tht bad just a few pimples before my period and small, skin coloured bumps on my forhead and chin...ive tried almost all of the over the counter face washes and scrubs including proactive...i dont know wat else to any of you know whether there are ne good anti-acne pills i can take with no bad side effects?? (im 16btw) any other ideas??thnx

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You should check out Arbonne Clear Advantage Skin Support Dietary Supplement- supports the skin from inside out, works to balance your hormones. Comes as part of anti-acne set.
FDA approved, safe and effective.
Check out:
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  • Don't you think if there was such a thing, that NO ONE would have acne? There is no such thing.

    If you've tried everything, then go see a dermatologist. They can prescribe things you can't buy in the stores. But still....nothing is going to work overnight or in a day or two. It takes time. And they all have some side effects. You just have to find the one that works best for you.


    drug researcher
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  • there is a vitamin complex and cream combo that should solve this problem. email me for details but have your settings allow me to reply back
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  • Don't we all wish there were? Keeping face clean and hands away from face help a lot.
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  • Hey sweety,
    Birth control pills regulate your hormonal levels in ways that gets rid of acne. It helped me a lot.
    Now, you can explain your parents that many girls take birth control for that reason wheather or not they chose to be sexually active. And if you do, than that just serves two purposes.

    Hope that helps,
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  • I use proactiv, it helps loads.
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  • the doctor will give you creams which are VERY VERY good. please just do not except DIANTEE pill though. (for acne and contraception) it really messes you up.
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  • What worked for my daughter is going to the tanning bed for very short period of time. All her acne just disappeared

    It really worked!!
    • 5 years ago

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