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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Startling Facts About How to Cure Acne and Avoid Embarrassment

Acne affects about 85% of the population at some time or another. It mostly occurs during teenage years and can go through to the mid twenties. It is serious in as much that it comes at a vitally important time of our lives. In some of the worst cases it can set us back socially and academically which can take many years to recover.
There is treatment to cure acne available, but it is an individual thing, not all cases are the same, so treatment to cure acne may well be different per person. However there are ways that help prevent acne in all cases by natural means.
Let's look at some of the most important things we should do.
• Keep your skin clean without drying it out. Drying out skin can make acne worse, oil and bacteria get trapped in pores and nasty pimples soon follow.
• Use your fingers to apply cleanser to your face as opposed to a cloth as these can store bacteria which cause acne.
• Always rinse your face with warm water as opposed to hot or cold and pat dry your skin. Never rub your skin when drying.
• Avoid fragrances and essential oils because they can cause allergic reactions. The selection of skin products should be those that are most unlikely to clog pores of the skin.
• Refrain from picking or squeezing pimples or blemishes, as this can lead to infection and leave scarring.
• Always shower after any action that causes you to sweat. This will stop the sweat from mixing with the body oils and trap dirt and bacteria that causes acne.
• Be sure to wash your makeup off before going to bed and always keep your cosmetic brushes clean at all times.
• Be careful when using hair products such as styling gel, hairspray etc. Be sure to keep them from contacting you face etc.
Because acne is a result of both internal and external factors we must address them both to cure acne. There are hormonal balancing supplements available for internal factors and creams for treating the skin. There are a lot of treatments to cure acne available today; however you should take a lot of care when choosing any acne treatment. To cure acne you should get a step by step plan and work to it and results will surely come.
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Why is it that our faces are more oily and get more acne?

No where else on my body am I as oily as I am on my face. Our bodies are made of pores right? So why is it that I get more oil on my face and acne than anywhere else?

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Because we tend to put more emphasis on our faces, thus washing them more, applying makeup and 'pore clogging' chemicals. Therefore, the glands under the facial skin try to clean all of that gunk out of the pores and make and secrete more oil from the sebacian gland, thus making the face more vulnerable to oil and breakouts, acne, pimples, etc.There, did that help my look alike, haha!
TIP: Drink lots of water for a more clear transparent and opaque skin
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