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Monday, 12 March 2012

How to Cure Acne Without Too Much Hassle

Having severe acne can be so frustrating to the point where you are willing to try any method of treatment. It can be so terrible to the point where you just choose to stay at home and not venture out for fear of how people may look at you. But before you let acne take over your life there are several things that you can try. Read this article and see that your answer is right here.
Here are a few treatments for acne:
Before you start here are a few preventative measures that you should follow:
• Avoid squeezing or picking the pimples in your face. You should try at all times not to rub, scratch, pick or squeeze your blackheads. Squeezing the blackheads only ruptures the membranes beneath the skin causing further breakouts and infections.
• Be sure to wash your pill cases on a regular basis. This is because your face comes into contact with your pillow everyday and the pillow cases contain the various oils from the skin that only adds more dirt to the face. So it is very important to keep sheet and pillow case clean.
Follow these simple home remedies for fast results
• Make a paste containing sandalwood and rose water. Apply to the affected area and wash off using warm water after 20-30 minutes.
• Apply garlic on and around the pimples on the face. Be sure to apply on a regular basis and you will see instant results
• Get a few potatoes and grate to form a paste. Use this to treat pimples, blackheads, boils, and wrinkles.
• Utilize ripe tomato or cucumber pulps and apply to acne. Wash this off after one hour and repeat on a daily basis.
• You can try using raw papaya juice on swelling acne or pimples. Be sure to include the seeds and skin
These are just a few remedies that can be used to cure severe acne.
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