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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How To Cure Acne Quick


So you're looking for a way to cure acne, and cure it quickly! Well you're at the right place, with the simple little tips below, theres no reason why you can't cure your acne quickly. Most of the below methods, you can try at home, and the ingredients listed are just general household foods etc, so it shouldn't cost you that much.
Tip #1: Apples and water. Okay this is a proven method that has worked on so many people, and I highly recommend this method. You have to eat 10 apples a day and drink water only for 3 days. This can be done, and has been done. Although I must warn you, during these 3 days, you will be drained of all energy and it'll even be a struggle for you to go to the bathroom.
Tip #2: Avoid touching the face, doing so can spread your acne, and make it worse.
Tip #3: Wash your face! Yep, wash your face twice a day, if you arn't already. It's best to wash your face with an anti-bacterial face wash containing salicylic acid.
Tip #4: If you have acne on your body, it's best to take a shower twice a day also. And after any exercise workouts, you may be sweating. Sweat contains grease, which can cause spots.
Tip #5: Try rubbing fresh garlic on the infected areas or lemon juice and rose water. Or the most common method; toothpaste. Leave the solutions on overnight and simply wash off in the morning.
The above tips have been tried and tested, and they have worked for some people, who knows, they may work for you! I can put money on one of these tips working for you! There should be no excuses for why you can't cure your acne quickly.
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Easy ways to quickly cure slight acne?

I'm 14 and I have fairly sensitive skin and I haven't ever had any acne problems until now. My acne is not extreme but i do have a few little blemish areas. Any ideas?

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im 14 also and i recently had a horrible breaak out and clearisil overnight wash saved my life i used it like twice and i didnt touch my forehead at all and it went away with in a week or so
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4 out of 5
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This is already helping(:

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  • i had the same problem, and my skin is very sensitive. here's what i did and IT WORKS.

    squeeze lemon juice onto some cotton balls and apply them to the problem areas. the acid will dry up the acne fast, and since there are no chemicals or stuff like that your skin will be able to handle it.

    good luck!!


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  • I have that same problem. If you have rubbing alcohol at your house, that is the best way to go. But if you don't, then clean your face with a washcloth with water on it of course and keep that up for a while. Even if the acne is gone.
    • 2 years ago

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