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Sunday, 25 March 2012

How To Cure Acne Scars - Effective Cures For Scar Removal Made Easy

Acne can affect some individuals to a greater extent than others. As a result of scarring left by acne breakouts - this may cause one to have low esteem and lack confidence. Of course scarring can differ in size and shape and location. Some scars are barely noticeable whilst others are deep, protruding or highly visible. Facial scars are also more noticeable than body scars and thus most treatments are marketed for the face however all work on any part of the body, be it shoulders, tummy or legs. Luckily, there are various methods for treating acne scars improving one's appearance and overall confidence levels.
The first method that can be tried to help cure acne scars is protecting the scarred skin by wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. This will protect the skin exposure to destructive sun rays that may damage the skin even further. Therefore, to ensure that the healing process is speedier, the skin must be kept protected from the sun's rays at all times.
Another common cure for healing acne scars is the use of a bleaching cream. The bleaching cream will make the scar fade away as acne scars usually appear darker than the skin's normal color. Therefore, when such a cream is used on daily basis, it will ensure that the scars are lightened and therefore appear more normal like. Creams that use bleaching agents include Meladerm and Skinbright.
Serums, lotions and creams are also important in curing facial acne scars. This is because they contain hydroxide acids. These acids help in the production of collagen. The acid is also very important in the reduction of worn out skin cells making the skin more radiant and supple. Acne scars can also be treated by use of a scar treatment ointment found in most drug stores. This should be applied directly on the scarred areas. The ointment contains natural ingredients that include extract from onions. This extract is responsible for improving acne scar appearance. This ointment should be applied for a period of two months -three times daily for results to be realized.
The other method that works in curing scars is performing a chemical peel. However, the strength of chemicals should be determined to avoid more damage. This chemical peel when applied on the top of the skin layer - will cause the damaged skin to burn and thus removing them. However, the chemical will affect the skin surface by burning it mildly, but it will have removed these scars to a greater extent as a result. However, for this result to be effective, it depends on the individual's skin type and sensitivity to such a treatment. For some people, the result will show up much faster than others. Speaking to a dermatologist about this method will help you make a more informed decision.
Laser Treatment might also be another option - laser has shown that it is capable of lightening scars and stretch marks. It does this through targeting skin pigment and therefore treating pimple scars. Therefore, when the pigment on the acne scar has been acted upon by laser treatment, it will be completely absorbed by the body's immune system. However, laser treatment is a little bit painful and expensive.
No matter what type of treatment you decide, acne scars require to be tackled in close consultation with a dermatologist.
Susannah Blake is a skin specialist and webmaster at Best Scar Treatment. For more articles on acne scar removal or natural remedies visit How to cure acne scars.
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Acne scars?

I have always had acne and ive got really bad discoloration now and scars on my face, arms, chest, and upper back =/ Ive tried alot of things but nothing really seems to help make them go away or become less noticeable. Does anyone have any remedies or ideas to fix them?? I really want them gone. Its so bad i cant even wear a swim suit =[ help??

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This natural remedy can completely get rid of them - not just fade them. It really is a miracle cure - I swear by it. It quickly, safely and permanently got of rid of my discolorations and even pronounced scars and warts. Using any natural oil, massage them over and over quite intensively and it simply RUBS THEM AWAY and forces a new clear skin to emerge. I know you may be skeptical but see my many Best Answers (acne scars, etc.)and many positive comments from users. Massage preferably 30 minutes daily for fastest results. You can do more as skin adjusts. See improvements in about 5 to 7 days and distinct ones in 2/3 weeks depending on how energetically/how long you have made the massage. Overtime, it WILL get rid of all spots and scars and a bonus of a smooth, virtually blemish free, healthy, younger looking skin. Massage with a forward and back motion using finger tips and front and sides of fingers depending where on face you massage. A circular motion is less effective.

Some skin clinics/beauticians tell you to only massage gently - but there have been many on Answers who have used it and had only beneficial results.See my many Best Answers. If still hesitant then apply just to the forehead or one area and see the results. Wish you the best.
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  • hi.
    i read this thing about acne scars where you use apple cider vinegar and lemon.
    its usually for ur face but i dunno if it will work for the rest of ur body but you can try.

    In SUMMARY - the HOW TO is as follows:

    VINEGAR: Use diluted Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water (you CAN use it neat but some people may not be able to tolerate it... and you can dilute it more if you are very sensitive). Mix up a supply in a bottle and apply to your face buy gently rubbing it into your face/or use a cotton pad - no need to wash off. Do this morning and night (or more if you have the time)

    Do it after cleansing your face and before other topicals.

    You can still use your normal topicals!

    LEMON: Every day, drink 8 glasses of water - in EACH glass of water, add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. (You can make up a daily supply by adding the lemon juice to large bottles of water)

    The theory of this method is that the malic acid in the vinegar gently exfoliates your skin and may help with some indented scarring - also softens the skin and helps with acne (as vinegar helps to restore PH levels)

    The lemon water gently flushes toxins out of your body throughout the day, which helps with acne. It is not to do with the Vit C content (there is not enough Vit C in a lemon to make the difference)

    Overall, I would say this helps with red marks, acne and very shallow indents, but you must give it a couple of months for improvements.

    Good luck!! i hope it helps.
    = ]

    P.S. do NOT recommend Accutane users try this for at least 6 months after you stop medication.
    and its best to use fresh lemon to and it can be really anytype of vinegar but ACV is more milder.

    just click on the source link and it will show you..


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  • Take a look at this site. In this site you will find many ideas and details about PIMPLES, ACNE, OILY SKIN, DRY SKIN and SCAR'S ON FACE, BLACKHEADS, WHITEHEADS and many Tips also. Many treatments methods are given and a bunch of FAQ's are also given which is very very usefull. So take some time with this site and enjoy . you will also find may links regarding this topic's so you can also look in to that also.


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  • HydraQ? I think that is the fda approved product that works well, but you have to protect your skin from the sun with UVA/UVB protection sunscreen while using it or the discoloration may get worse. Neutrogena's cleanser works well. The one they market for skin discoloration, I can't remember the name of it. However, you may have already tried that.
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  • Topical Medication – This method is fine for treating mild scars. Apply a healing topical gel, or paste to the problem area. These medications generally contain tretinoin, Alpha-HydroxyAcid (AHAs), Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA), or a combination of these. These constituents help in the regeneration of the skin as well as curing post-inflammatory changes.

    Laser Resurfacing – This method resurfaces the skin to eliminate the scarring. A laser beam is flashed on the scar to burn the uppermost layer of the skin till the specific depth. This method removes the scars forever if they are just on the superficial layer of the skin. This method uses carbon dioxide and erbium:YAG lasers.…
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  • for acne or any kind of problems related to skin.. usr organic products only ...…
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  • yes i've heard vitamin E, like in lotion helps if you put it on everyday. it made my mom's scar on her face go away. i dont know how fast but it works!


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  • try seeing your doctor and maybe he could recommend a medication.
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  • vitamin e oil,it helps with all of those problems,it got rid of my acne scars.
    • 4 years ago

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